Home Page

In the upper right hand corner of the HOME PAGE, you’ll notice a TOGGLE SWITCH. Tapping that switch takes Mystro from SLEEP to ACTIVE mode and vice-versa or in other words, turns Mystro on and off.

This page features our MAP and the ICONS for any on-demand apps installed on your device that Mystro supports. Tapping the icons brings the respective app to the foreground. 

Currently Mystro only supports the Uber and Lyft platforms. If you do not have Uber or Lyft installed on your device, the icons will read "U" and "L," respectively, until you install the apps on your device. Once the apps are installed, the "U" and "L" will be replaced with the appropriate app icons.

The map pin shows your location but does not interact or interfere with other mapping apps such as Uber, Google, or Waze.

In an upcoming release, this map will be used to show heat maps of where the most rides are being requested across all active on-demand apps on your device.