Preferences Page

In the upper right hand corner of the PREFS PAGE, you’ll notice a TOGGLE SWITCH. Tapping that switch takes Mystro from SLEEP to ACTIVE mode and vice-versa or, in other words, turns Mystro on and off.

Allows Mystro to control how often you want to accept trips from UBER, LYFT or POSTMATES based on your PRIMARY APP setting.NOTE: You will need to select a PRIMARY APP before you can take Mystro on-line!

You will not be able to take Mystro on-line once your free trial has expired.

By simply moving the slider between 0 and 60 minutes, you decide when MYSTRO TAKES EITHER OF YOUR SECONDARY APPS ON-LINE. For example, if you move the slider to 10 mins and your primary app is Uber, Lyft and or Postmates will remain off-line until 10 minutes passes without a trip from Uber. Keep the slider set to "ON" if you want Mystro to instantly switch between apps. At this setting, as soon as a trip is completed on one platform, the other platform will go back on-line.

There's a 15 second delay before either of the secondary apps switches back on after the primary app trip ends. This prevents issues with simultaneous trip requests

If you'd rather drive for UBER, LYFT or POSTMATES exclusively, simply move the slider all the way to the right to the  OFF position.

Tap an app icon to toggle between which app's filters you want to set. TAP TO CHOOSE APP changes to SELECT UBER FILTERS, SELECT LYFT FILTERS or SELECT POSTMATES FILTERS depending on which icon is tapped.

Mystro currently supports the following Uber filters: UBERX, POOL/EXPRESS POOL, EATS, SELECT, XL, BLACK and SUV. Mystro currently supports the following Lyft filters: LYFT, LINE, SHUTTLE, PREMIER, PLUS, LUX and LUX SUV. Mystro currently supports Postmates. Mystro will only accept trips for you if you turn on the switch for that type of trip.

Tap on a service filter to see its drop down filter sliders. In the example above, the UBER icon was selected and then UBERX was tapped to reveal the drop-down filter settings. Just do the same for each service you want Mystro to filter for you (i.e., POOL, LINE, EATS). The service must be turned on for you to set its filters -- if turned off, Mystro will not accept any trips for that service.

Allows you to set how much time you are willing to spend driving to a pick-up. Move the slider between 0 - 30 minutes. For example, if you set the slider to 7 mins, Mystro will automatically accept all trips less than 7 minutes away. If you want Mystro to accept everything, move the slider all the way to the left to the  OFF position. Note that POSTMATES has no time filter.

Allows you to filter out passengers with poor ratings. Move slider between 1 and 5 stars. For example, if you set the slider to 4.5 stars, Mystro will automatically accept all trips from passengers with ratings 4.5 stars and above. New pax are treated as a five-star rating. If you want Mystro to accept everything, move the slider all the way to the left to the  OFF position. Note that POSTMATES has no rating filter.

Allows you to screen out trips that do not meet your surge filter setting. For example, if you set the slider to 1.25, Mystro will automatically accept all trips with a surge of 1.25 or higher. If you want Mystro to accept everything, move the slider all the way to the left to the  OFF position.

When in  SLEEP mode, all preferences are disabled so Mystro does nothing, it's literally asleep.