Account Page

In the upper right hand corner of the  ACCOUNT PAGE you’ll notice a TOGGLE SWITCH. Tapping that switch takes Mystro from SLEEP to ACTIVE mode and vice-versa or in other words, turns Mystro on and off.

Here is where you'll find SETTINGS, ABOUT, HELP CENTER, CONTACT US, and SIGN OUT buttons as well as your REFERRAL CODE. 

SETTINGS takes you to PROFILE where you can change your name and phone number* or RESET YOUR PASSWORD. The Reset Password button will send you an email you can use to reset your password.
*For non-US and Canada numbers, use the backspace to delete the default (+1) country code and enter the correct one for your country.

ABOUT links you to our Terms of Service, Privacy

Statement, Software Licenses and Mystro App Version information.

HELP CENTER takes you to our Help Center support page.

CONTACT US connects you to our support team. 

Tap SIGN OUT to log-out of Mystro.

Share your REFERRAL CODE with other on-demand drivers and get paid $5.00 for each driver that uses your code to sign up for a monthly subscription and $25.00 if they sign up for an annual subscription.