Pricing, Creating an Account and Signing In

Mystro Quick Start Guide

  1. From Your Android Device

    Tap FREE TRIAL and you will be re-directed to the website

    NOTE: If you are not currently using Mystro v1.3.1 released 14 November 2017 or newer, you'll need to upgrade or download from the Google Play store. Currently, Mystro is only available on for Android device. iOS users  click here for more information.

  2. Create an Account
    New Users, tap  FREE TRIAL to pick a payment plan. You can choose from the following payment plans: 

    $99.95 per year  
    Includes new features and updates
    Priority  Support

    $11.95 per month
    Includes new features and updates
    Priority Support

    For each ride you begin that Mystro managed on your behalf, you will be billed 20 cents. ($.20 per ride). Carpool trips such as Uber Pool or Lyft Line count as one ride and "stacked rides" count as one ride per pick-up.

    You can easily view your current charges by navigating to the ACCOUNT TAB in the Mystro app at anytime, however you will be billed monthly for your total PER USE charges. 

    *If your are currently on a Monthly Plan, and are considering downgrading to the Per Use Plan, you'll need to wait until after January 15, 2018 to do so. 

    Includes new features and updates 
    Priority Support
  3. Sign In (If you already have an account)
    Tap  SIGN IN.  After signing in, you'll be taken to your DASHBOARD page.  Just tap UPGRADE to pick a payment plan.
  4. Follow the on-boarding instructions to get started using the app.