Sleep/Active Mode and Shut Off

From any screen on the app, tap the toggle switch in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Mystro switches from SLEEP to ACTIVE mode, the toggle turns blue, and your preferred app is automatically opened and taken on-line.

When in SLEEP mode, all preferences are disabled so Mystro does nothing, it's literally asleep.

There are two ways to shut Mystro off or force Mystro into SLEEP mode.

  1. Manually taking one of your on-demand apps off-line.
    If you manually take one of your on-demand apps off-line, Mystro will display a pop-up message staying MYSTRO HAS GONE OFF-LINE. If you happen to have more than one on-demand app running at the time, Mystro will not take the second app off-line. Mystro will also no longer manage your trips. You will need to return to the Mystro PREFS screen and take Mystro to ACTIVE mode to keep using Mystro.
  2. Manually taking Mystro from ACTIVE to SLEEP mode.
    Anytime while using Mystro, you can go to Mystro's home screen (actually any of Mystro's screens will work) and tap the toggle in the upper right hand corner of the screen to put Mystro in SLEEP MODE. You'll see the top bar change from BLUE to LIGHT GREY. If you are currently on a trip, nothing changes. However, if you are not on a trip, Mystro will take any open on-demand apps off-line when you put it to SLEEP.
    NOTE: We recommend waiting until you are parked to turn Mystro off.