On-Boarding Instructions / Getting Started

- Close all open apps other than Uber, Lyft, Postmates, Google Maps, and Waze.

- Make sure your wi-fi is turned off (unless you have a reliable hot-spot)
Restart your device now and at least once a day. 

- Mystro supports Android devices running operating system 7.0 or higher with at least 2.0 GB (gigabytes) of RAM or higher.

- After signing in you will be taken through a series of screens (Accessibility, Notifications, and Overlays) that will assist you with on-boarding onto Mystro.

See video.

(Some steps may be skipped depending on device and Android software version.)

  1. Sign in to your Uber and/or Lyft apps if installed.
  2. Open Mystro app and tap GET STARTED.
  3. Enter the PHONE NUMBER you used to register with Mystro.
  4. Enter the VERIFICATION CODE sent to you via SMS.
  5. PRIVACY Warning appears. Tap I AGREE.
  6. ACCESSIBILITY Service screen appears. Tap TURN ON ACCESSIBILITY.
    1. Tap on Mystro Accessibility Service, toggle ON
    2. Use Mystro Accessibility Service pops up, tap OK
  7. SCREEN READING notification appears. Tap ENABLE SCREEN READING.
    1. "Mystro will start capturing everything that's displayed on your screen" pops up, check 'Don't Show again' and tap START NOW.
  8. OVERLAY Settings screen appears tap ENABLE OVERLAYS
    1. "Display over other apps" appears, Scroll down to locate Mystro. Tap on Mystro, toggle on 'Allow display over other apps'
  9. You’ll get a NOTIFICATION Settings pop-up, tap on 'ENABLE NOTIFICATION SETTINGS'
    1. "Notification access" screen appears, toggle on 'Mystro Notification Service', Tap ALLOW on the next screen
  10.  You’ll get a LOCATION ACCESS pop-up, tap 'ENABLE LOCATION ACCESS' then tap on ALLOW on the next screen.
  11. Mystro home page loads.