More Page

At the top of MORE PAGE, you’ll see DRIVE NOW / STOP DRIVING. Tapping that switch takes Mystro from ONLINE to OFFLINE mode and vice-versa or in other words, turns Mystro on and off. 

You will also find the following under the accounts tab:

Accept Stacked Trips

Here you can set whether to auto accept stacked trips or not.

Airport Queue Mode
Here you can enable/disable Airport Queue Mode

Hide or Show Services
Allows you to choose which services you will see in your preference screen.

Here you will be able to close navigation on trip end and enable/disable Mystro Bar.

Sounds & Voice
See Sound and Voice.

In this section, you'll find our information on privacy settings, Mystro app version, terms of service, software licenses and our privacy policy.

Help Center
Takes you to our help center support page where you can learn more about Mystro.

Connects you to our customer support team.

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