More Tab

At the top of MORE Tab, you’ll see DRIVE NOW / STOP DRIVING. Tapping that switch takes Mystro from ONLINE to OFFLINE mode and vice-versa or in other words, turns Mystro on and off. 

You will also find the following under the MORE tab: 

Accept Stacked Trips: Here you can set whether to auto-accept stacked trips or not.

Airport Queue Mode: Here you can enable/disable Airport Queue Mode

Navigation: Here you will be able to close navigation on trip end and enable/disable Mystro Bar.

Sounds & Voice: See Sound and Voice.

About: In this section, you'll find our information on privacy settings, Mystro app version, terms of service, software licenses and our privacy policy.

Diagnostics: Use this tab to upload logs 

Help Center: Takes you to our help center support page where you can learn more about Mystro.

Support: Connects you to our customer support team.

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