Will Mystro affect my acceptance rating?

Mystro automates your normal tasks and behavior. So if you choose to FILTER a request rather than manually accept it, your acceptance rating will be affected just as it would if you were not using Mystro. 

Also, Mystro displays a  Trip Filterd pop-up when a trip is being filtered, so you always have the option to override Mystro and accept the trip to preserve acceptance rates. You are always in control.

Due to new laws, you can no longer be deactivated for low acceptance ratings. More info here:  http://therideshareguy.com/how-to-take-advantage-of-ubers-new-acceptance-rate-policy

Using Mystro to manage multiple rideshare apps actually makes you more money. So if you are worried about maintaining high acceptance rates for the purposes of bonuses, you'll still come out on top. See our study on the Mystro website.